Rodents and Weight loss really get the comments rolling.

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  1. Becky,My name is Alicia Bradley. I used to work with your hubby at CTS (I worked in the Registrar’s Office.) Hi, Jeremy!I am a regular follower of your blog, thanks to Emily Loveall’s link. I mean I think I check you blog, like 10 times a day, waiting for updates (can you tell I don’t have a job! 🙂I have taken up couponing, thanks to you. I am awaiting my first Walgreen gift card! Yeah! I,now, following the Money Saving Mom blog that you have on your sidebar.Guess what! I got mentioned today! I got a shout-out from Crystal for a link to a free sample of toothpaste, and now it’s on her list of samples! Whoo-hoo!I thought I’d share with you, because you are the start of my mini-celebrity moment! Thanks!Oh, by the way, you and Jeremy will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget the day that Jeremy shared with me Little’s diagnosis after her birth. Oh, the tears in his eyes! The tears of a father that just wanted to fix everything for his precious daughter. It’s been a joy to read about her life!God Bless, Alicia Bradley or email at bradleyalicia(at)


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