Mole or Mouse

My friend, Julia, was one of the attenders of Bubba’s birthday party. Julia is one of the kindest people I know – seriously. Still, she has no problem with calling it like she sees it and as she left my house she said, “Your entryway really stinks. It smells like something died.”

Oh, embarrassing!

Monday I went to the basement to transfer the laundry. I had been aware that the basement STUNK for a couple days but knew that our ever present stack of used diapers was probably the culprit. As I bent over the pull stuff out of the dryer, the stench got stronger. I sniffed around and realized the smell from the corner – – over behind the extra furniture we are storing – – was REALLY strong. I ran to get Honey.

Turns out something DID die – jury is still out on what it is.
I say mouse. Honey says mole.
Either way – – DISGUSTING!

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6 Responses to Mole or Mouse

  1. Anonymous says:

    Having seen cats (and ya know we had them) drag dead moles onto the back patio growing up, I feel rather sure you have a mouse. Also having seen WAY more than my share of mice in the state of KY, I feel really rather sure that you have a mouse. Also having seen your blog makes me NOT want to see your blog today. Niiiiiicccce. (How’s that for some Trey R. from T-roy!) M

  2. Anonymous says:

    I concur that it is a mouse. Moles have tiny eyes, since they furrow under the ground. Plus they are skinnier than your specimin. Sorry. — Marcie

  3. Julia says:

    Sorry, but I had to tell you…glad you can blame the stench on death and not your childrens poopoo!

  4. Anonymous says:

    THAT’S A MOUSE!! A mole would have a thicker tale…I know b/c I have pulled tons out of the pool. Gross, huh? But don’t you just love it when someone tells you your house stinks, makes you feel like a real winner.Cousin from Laurens, SC

  5. Nicole says:

    Oh my, that’s for sure a mouse. I think your honey was just a bit scared. Tell him not to feel bad. You should see how high Kermit jumps when wasps are nearby.


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