10 months and 5 days . . .


Funny thing is that once she did this it was as if she realized just what tool she had at her disposal. She kept going for it.

Honey was so excited to be in on this.

I say, “HEY THANKS!!! Thanks for teaching her that – thanks for persevering with her . . . and heading out to work 40 hours a week. Seriously . . .

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6 Responses to 10 months and 5 days . . .

  1. Tracie says:

    Way to go KB! Your last comment was priceless!! Christian taught Sammy how to crawl and then left out of town for a week…no, seriously, thanks!

  2. Amanda says:

    Wow – she’s walking early! She’s leaving babydom and heading for toddlerdom!

  3. Jawan says:

    Go KB! Don’t keep your mama worried with those stairs! Hey Beck – Andrew thanks you for the sweet drawing book he received in the mail today. He’s excited about sitting down with it tomorrow afternoon and experimenting with his pencil. So sweet for you to think of him!

  4. annaj says:

    i love how excited she is!

  5. Impressive! I’ve heard of 10 month walkers, but since mine are always on the LATE side of walking (13-15 mos.) I’ve never seen what an early walker looks like! So cute! ~annie

  6. Nicole says:

    Oh my. She’s been doing everything so early that I guess it was to be expected. Still, you know my kiddos, if someone crawled at 10 months we’d be ecstatic. 🙂


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