Going Out Bragging

This may be the last post with a photo here on the Blue Hutch! Why?


You know, the one I just bought a month or so ago. The devil is toying with me now. First my ability to take a brisk walk in the comfort of my own home with personal cheerleaders (aka my Leslie Sansone video)and now my camera.

I took a different approach this time and started looking where it was supposed to be. It is not there. I will now start checking behind couches, in toy boxes, and under toilet lids. If you are a praying people then PRAY I find my battery charger. For my own sanity, PRAAAAYYYY!

Okay, so now for today’s score. I must begin by telling you that our Libby has left us for another year of college and we have a new sitter. Libby seemed to have grown accustomed to my flushed face and 80mph verbal gush after returning from a Walgreens run. Libby either truly got excited with me or was eligible for an Oscar. Anna, our new sitter, is… well… new and doesn’t know what to do with me quite yet. She was not as emotionally . . . involved at this point and really might think I am a freak at this point. No worries, she’ll come around. (Especially when she realizes that she too can kick it in the coupon world. . .)

I digress….

This week’s coup is guaranteed to get a giggle. Not only is KB peaking from below the table warrant a grin, but the plethora of Preparation H cannot go without notice. . . and a smirk. Let me explain (no, let me sum up): Buying the P.H. and using the awesome coupon I had allowed each box of Cheerios to be free when coupled with the coupon I had for them. Does that make sense? I am going to donate the P. H. to a ministry in town we work with that helps new moms in hard circumstances and I am going to eat the Cheerios.

The whole purchase:
2 Poptarts
4 fruit snacks
4 boxes of Cheerios
2 V8 Splashes
2 Powerades
3 California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas
2 Bertolli Meals
2 Weber Marinade packets
1 Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
4 cookies from the bakery and
4 Preparation H Travel Wipes (tee hee)

Cost: $13.50

Libby, let me hear you say “HEEEEY HOOOO
Anna, let me hear you say “HEEEY HOOO
Everybody now. . .

And now I am off to search for that battery charger.

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7 Responses to Going Out Bragging

  1. annaj says:

    Love the Princess Bride reference.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where’s a picture of the new baby sitter? MM

  3. Dan B says:

    Seriously…that is awesome! At first I thought you were going to divulge some juicy (no pun intended) information about a long, drawn-out gastrointestinal illness…but alas, no such luck (probably to the relief of your other readers).And I must ask this question: how in the world did a coupon for Preparation H net you cheerios? How is that linked? Does eating that many Cheerios require P.H. after consumption?

  4. stephanie says:

    Are those John Deere gummies??? Too cool.

  5. BKicklighter says:

    Dan, P.H is on sale for $3.99 – I had a 3.00 coupon from the paper, Walgreens had a $2.00 extra coupon in their little flier – that left me with a $1 overage.Cherrios are on sale for 1.99 – I had a $1 coupon which meant that the $1 overage from P.H covered the Cheerios. 4 P. H – 4 boxes of Cheerios!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I must say … I LOVE reading your blog!!! amy jones

  7. Anonymous says:

    ditto on Amy Jones’ comment….Becky…you are such a fun writer. I often find myself smiling or giggling at your stories and musings…..here’s to a clean house and saving money! 🙂 Heather G.


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