Happy Birthday, Mo

Remember the meme I did the other day? One of the questions was your best friend’s nickname. . .

I have known Mo (Monica) since 7th grade – we went to college together – were in each other’s weddings – and now live a $70 Southwest ticket distance apart that might as well be $4,000 for all the free time we have to jaunt back and forth visiting. Anyway. . .

Mo turns the same age as me today: the same day that I put my peel and stick chalk board pieces up.

Don’t you love how I have stragegically placed the children’s calendar by the outlet that has NO protective covers. For Pete’s Sake!
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One Response to Happy Birthday, Mo

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mo DID finally read this post! Thank you B for loving me and being my friend. I hope all other blog readers out there know how super duper you are….. and get to see you more often than I do! 🙂 Thanks for the blog post just for me. I feel extra special! 🙂


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