To Rachel, with love

Dear Rachel,

I know you are reading this.  It is probably late at night – but I am now on to you.  I am writing to publically apologize for not asking, when I saw you this morning, if YOUR son has started school yet.  I didn’t ask about your kids AT ALL.  I prattled on about mine in answer to your very kind questions but showed no kindness in return.  Could we chalk it up to me being so overcome to find out you guys were reading my blog and I was thrown off balance mentally? Could that be my excuse?

Okay, I agree – there is NO excuse.  Please forgive.
Has Will started preschool?
Did your mom have the kids today?
I bet you enjoyed the time out – I heard we sold 228 snow cones!!!
Wish I could have stayed longer.

Have a good night,

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3 Responses to To Rachel, with love

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who’s Rachel?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Becky, no need to apologize! Sorry to be stalking your blog…I just really enjoy hearing about the blessings and challanges that other moms face each day with young children. You are a mentor to me! And yes, I am checking your blog late at night! In answer to your questions…Will doesn’t start school until Sept 8th (way to long from now) but what makes it so much sweeter is that his daddy took him on vacation to Colorado this week. They are having father/ son time in the mountains while Kate and I are enjoying the time alone in STL. My parents watched Kate this morning so that I could go and make 228 snow cones at church! It was great fun!!!! Take care! Rachael

  3. Tracie says:

    Wow! You are quite a Writer! Rachael was correct, this is a good read!Thanks for sharing. Also, I love the picture you made for your Honey to hang in his office!


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