Well Worth the Chewing

If you remember the Twizzler deal from long ago:

Well, it was worth looking ridiculous in the Walgreen’s line; worth giving away bag after bag; worth the chewing and chewing. . . because THIS came in the mail this week:
That’s right – $17 spent on Twizzlers and $34 worth of movie tickets!!
And the beautiful part (as if 50% savings and snacks to boot is not enough) is that they aren’t coupons that can only be used once the movie has been out for weeks and weeks.  They have an $8.50 value that can be used on opening night even.  I am saving two for “The Accidental Husband” and two for the new James Bond movie in November! Yipee!!!
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2 Responses to Well Worth the Chewing

  1. Any Twizzlers left to give away? John’s favourite!!! You are so creative and resourceful. What a great gift!!!

  2. Kelsey says:

    That is awesome!


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