Big C Little C What Begins with C. . .

Big C Little C What Begins with C. . .
Children’s, Conked and Catheter
C… C… C

We spent the morning at Children’s Hospital so KB could have tests run on her kidneys.  (If you look up the phrase “When it rains it pours” on Wikipedia, it reads, “See The Blue Hutch family! – I am kidding, mom, don’t go look)

We had a sonogram done and then this test where they gave KB a catheter (gave as in “forced upon” not gave as in a gift).  She didn’t even cry which was a bit disturbing.  She was delightful, as usual, talking with the doctor and technician, beating the xray machine with her teether, and giggling as I tickled her forehead with my bangs. 

We were finished with the entire affair in 45 minutes (that’s arrival in parking deck to departure of said parking deck) and she was conked out in the back seat within 5.  We find out the results tomorrow.

On another note, while we were getting registered I was told a 16 year old with our last name was coming in later that day for “imaging”.  Moments later I was asked to give my maiden name and a lady came around the corner to tell me her best friend in high school had that same last name.  “What the Heck!?!”

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