There are those days when I live for nap time and then when the children wake I find my internal timer resetting for bedtime. Some days are just draining – I feel uncreative, unmotivated, tired, and the kids can be trying. Does this ring a bell with ANYONE?

This week I have had two of those days. (Actually two halves of days like that, making it only one day.) Both days were interrupted by glimpses. See, it is just this very type of day when the Lord opts to gives us glimpses; glimpses of His kindness, love, goodness, patience, plan. .

My first glimpse happened on Wednesday. We were playing at the kitchen in Little’s room. There was quite a picnic spread before us and Bubba had been watching us pretend to munch on anything from french fries to pears. Bubba hadn’t said anything the whole time. I realize this is not surprising, talking is NOT his strong suit, but he has been quieter and quieter with every passing day Little is home with us. I was pondering this truth while nibbling a “brownie” with mysterious pink squares on top and God gave me a glimpse. I looked up to see Bubba pull out a plate and put a cookie on it. He said, quietly to himself, “It’s a cookie. A chocolate chip cookie.” He then folded his hands and prayed, “Dear Jesus, Thank you for this food. Aaaamen.” He picked up the cookie and began to nibble. A tear slid down my cheek.

Thank you, Jesus, for simple words and plastic food. Thank you for my son’s tender heart – which may often be hidden behind a strong will, but you show me it’s there. Draw it to You, please. Thank you for the glimpse of Your work in Him. Aaaaamen.

The next glimpse came yesterday – that’s right, I had already gotten back to being stretched by my kids within 24 hours. Honey had called to let me know he would be late. I had come up with the panic driven idea to flee to Chickfila. Little’s hair was in pigtails, Bubba’s little legs were actually covered with pants (another story for another time), and KB had Neosporin on her forehead. We were out the front door and off to the minivan at the bottom of the hill when I got it – a glimpse.

My Little was running down the driveway – my Little who wasn’t supposed to walk, talk, or run. Her arms were flapping, her legs were flying every which way, and her ponytails were keeping time on her skull. Bubba ran along side with legs that are half as long and shorts that are way too long. Both wearing glasses. Bubba laughing hysterically. Little calling, “Come on, Bubba! We’re runnin’. We’re going to Target.” KB was on my hip with two fingers tucked in my collar and two fingers, from her other hand, tucked in her mouth. She and I watched the other two together and I don’t know what she was thinking, but I was overcome with joy for being mom to these kids. These exhausting, special, joyful, fun kids.

Dear Jesus, Thank you for Little’s flapping arms and legs that run. Thank you for a voice to call her brother by name. Thank you for reminding me that you hold her in the palm of Your hand and You have/can/will do miracles in and through her. Thank you for entrusting us with her. Use her for Your kingdom’s sake. Aaaaamen.

Now you – keep your eyes open today and try to catch a glimpse of Him. I would love to hear about it when you do.

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4 Responses to Glimpses

  1. Allison says:

    Thanks for sharing. I absolutely have days like that. Today is Saturday and my sweet hubby had to go into work. That makes for a really long week for everyone. I will certainly look for the glimpses as I am a bit weary,too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And thank you, Lord, for hair long enough for pigtails. :o) Praise the Lord!–Marcie

  3. Bethany says:

    Thanks, Becky. I needed that reminder!!


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