Cobbler Ala Stephens

We have a friend in town for a visit from Brazil. The plan was for him to come for dessert on Sunday – I had no plan for what that dessert would be. Enter my friend Mrs. Stephens, of Stephens Family Blog fame.

I stayed home from church with a feverish KB and, while she napped, I tried to catch up on my friends’ through their blogs. As I read Allison’s post about a yummy cobbler she made for her husband, I thought, “AHA!”. Then I clicked the link and saw it was a Southern Living recipe. My resolve wavered until I read it and saw how SIMPLE it was.

So, I spent 10 minutes whipping up a cobbler that afternoon and Russell didn’t even get to come over. Honey and I enjoyed it just fine by ourselves. Thank you Southern Living and THANK YOU, ALLISON!

(I posted the photos just because of what she said in her post about her lack of photos. Insert smile here.)
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1 Response to Cobbler Ala Stephens

  1. Allison says:

    so glad you enjoyed. it’s so easy isn’t it? I’m making another one this weekend with blackberries. hope you guys are doing well!


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