Second Scoop – Game Night

The summer’s Triple Dip of Delight, being held at our church, has been great so far. We had our Movie night in June and this past weekend we had a game night. My friend Jen joined me in planning the event and we put together quite a rockin‘ evening, if I do say so myself!

There were 18 women in attendance – every age group was represented from young married to grandma – there was laughter. Good times. What did we do?

The first hour included four games:

1. Everyone got a sticker on their back when they arrived. The sticker had a famous woman’s name on it. You know the drill: you ask yes or no questions and guess who you are – hopefully

introducing yourself to others as you go along. It was hilarious and was our way of breaking the women up into teams for the evening. Teams ended up being: Famous Woman from History; Women Movie Stars; Bad Girls of the Bible

2. We played the song game. Every team makes a list of songs pertaining to the chosen topic (in our case, women). When I point to one team they start singing; when I point to another team they start singing – no repetition of songs is allowed and you have to keep going until I point to someone else. Hilarious. We kept it going for awhile until one group started singing Ave Maria and those were the only two words they knew. They just stopped and looked at me. I calmly spoke, “You guys are so out. Bad choice, Bad Girls of the Bible.”

3. Next we played the “On Your Person” scavenger hunt. So funny. Jen would give an item (i.e. $2.73) and the first team to send a representative up with the item got the points.

4. Lastly we played a Pictionary relay with words pertaining to women and their roles. It was fun to watch.

The second hour we played a game of Phase 10 which allowed for snacking, chatting, and getting to know folks. We mixed everyone up so that one person from every team was playing in a game. The winner at each table earned points for their original team.

Throughout the night there were opportunities to earn buttons, which represented points for the individual and their team. There were random and sporadic trivia questions, predetermined traits we were looking for (one button for everyone who has traveled out of the country this summer), and a special cookie that earned the eater 7 buttons. (Everyone avoided that cookie like the plague thinking they would have to do something special if they were seen eating it. FOR PETE’S SAKE!!!)

Bad Girls of the Bible won the night and got to take home cookie mix in a jar and a cute apron to wear while baking. (You can see the apron in the photo of me and Jen) Christy Spink won the individual competition and got a Phase 10 game of her very own.

It was so fun on so many levels. I loved the safe environment and the shared experiences that allowed for relationships to be built. Can’t wait for our third dip – I have nothing to do with this one so it’ll be a surprise! I’ll keep you posted. . . get it? posted??

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4 Responses to Second Scoop – Game Night

  1. april says:

    I wish I could have been there…looks like you had so much fun!

  2. Debbie says:

    You are such a game girl!! I love that!

  3. annaj says:

    you make me smile

  4. Amanda says:

    That sounds like so much fun! What a great idea.


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