Yea Cows!

It seems we only had a few takers on the “Dress Like a Cow” dare. I knew my brother in law couldn’t let it go and so I got this TERRIBLE photo on my phone tonight. I don’t know WHAT is on his head – he looks like a Japanese Cook Cow.
Updated 7-12-08: Tonight my sister posted a better picture on her blog. It is “udderly” too close for comfort but at least you can see their faces better. Here you go:

And then my sweet friend sent a link to her blog and I found a photo there.
We stepped it up for the evening ourselves and, in the spirit of “keeping it real” I thought I would post SEVERAL photos to show you how the attempt to capture 3 children under 4 in a precious moment of cow posing bliss is nearly impossible. Still, we had fun. 3 kid’s meals for free and photos for wedding rehearsal dinners!

The teenager behind the counter tried his best to have no visible reaction to the three precious cows come to graze. But all the prep and photo pandemonium was worth it when Little walked up to the counter, held up her sign, and said, “MOOOOOOO“. The kid cracked up, we cracked up, and Little just looked at us as if WE had lost our minds!

I love my life.
And I am grateful for Chick-fil-a.

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2 Responses to Yea Cows!

  1. Debbie says:

    What great cows! We stopped by a CFA for lunch on the way back from Will’s parents and it was so packed we had to leave. They even had a petting zoo in the front. Thankfully we weren’t in our cow suits, so we didn’t miss out on any free food :). Maybe next year.

  2. annaj says:

    Remember this?


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