VBS Crafts 2008 Countdown

Day Two – Check

We decorated tshirts today; I use the word decorated loosely. We used Sharpies and rubbing alcohol to do a faux tie dye effect. The kids LOVED it. It went so smoothly. I am SOOO grateful. The alcohol fumes were unbelievable and I am hoping all my help (and all the kiddos) are able to return tomorrow. You can go here to see how the project is done – really it’s a great little craft for your children (almost any age). Here’s the stock photo they provided:

Wish I had taken my camera out of my bag and snapped a couple shots. Maybe I will remember tomorrow when we are decorating Photo Albums. My scrapbooker’s heart is so full at the thought!!!

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One Response to VBS Crafts 2008 Countdown

  1. Debbie says:

    Those shirts look so cool. My girls would like to try to make them sometime. I hope the rest of the week is going well, too.


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