Bubba’s Tests

Bubba just fell out of bed. We heard a shrill cry that dissipated into more consistent wailing. He’s fine, mind you. He was barely awake – fighting to keep his eyes open so we would know he was aware of us. As I tucked him under his sheets and kissed his cheek he said, “I love you.” I crumpled into a tearful heap. It’s been that kind of day.

Bubba’s testing went well. There were three folks present: Educational Psychologist, Preschool teacher, and Speech/Language Therapist. The Psychologist did most of the interaction with me and the others interacted with Thomas. We were there for two hours.

I have to say, the results of the morning were not a surprise to me and a mixed bag, for sure. Bubba qualifies for services and they gave him the “label” of Developmental Delays in the areas of Language and Social Behavior. This confirmed my concerns and provides a means for helping him. His environment has been anything but normal in the areas of Language and Socialization, through no fault of his own, and a classroom of typical kids will really help move him forward.

Before the results came, I was left alone in the room with the teacher and speech/language therapist and they had such great things to say about Bubba. The teacher, especially, was very “hope giving” and spoke of his potential in light of specific things she had seen during her two hours with him. I really believe our Father was kind to have her there speaking truth and hope to me. I actually left encouraged. Crazy, eh?

So, why the crumpled heap tonight? Such a rare thing for my son to initiate any speak to me and that our Father would allow him to initiate “I love you” was almost more than I could bear.

This broken world we live in makes us long for heaven. But while we are still here we are asking that our son would grow and develop in great ways. We are asking that his tongue would be loosed and he would share with us. We are asking that he would love people and understand how to interact with them so that he can be used in their lives as he grows. Would you join us in these requests?

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5 Responses to Bubba’s Tests

  1. The Lovealls says:

    Thanks for being so real on your blog, Becky! It is very helpful for someone like me, a new Mom! I will be praying for your son!

  2. stephanie says:

    That was beautiful. Thanks.

  3. I’ll be praying for your little man, Becky.

  4. Amy Mac says:

    I prayed for you this morning. Really, you are my hero. To quote a friend: “it’s not that I want to be like you, I want to be like Jesus…and you are.”PS – YOU said that!!!

  5. Nicole says:

    I’m sad and happy all at once. Sad that this “isn’t the way thigns should be” and happy to have help and hope for growth. We love you and Bubba. I’ll call and check on you soon.


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