Joy – Pain – Sunshine – Rain

That sums up my day. Mountains and valleys today folks. I won’t go into it all because who really needs to see the depths of my black sinful heart – just know it is there and I need Jesus so much. I hate having to be reminded. Ugh.

So, things I will share. Little was the weather helper today. She looked out the window and told the class that she saw a cloud. How do I know this?? SHE TOLD ME. Serious joy, people.

Little and Bubba each fell on KB multiple times today. Serious pain.
Little has decided to test the waters to determine where the lines will be drawn for her independence. It made today hard. My patience is short.
Bubba told KB he was sorry for falling on her – that was huge.
KB sang the alphabet – just kidding.

I marked four things off my list today (joy) including these onesies.

I made for baby gifts. I had seen them online for $15 and I thought, “I can do that.” So, I did. I think they are adorable – just hope Robin doesn’t read this before I can get it to her. And I hope I can get it to her before her son (born 9lbs.) grows out of it!!!
I also got to have dinner at the Boat House with my friend, Cris. It was a GORGEOUS day and we ate outside by the lake. I have to say those were my favorite 2.5 hours of the day. Happy Birthday, Cris!

Does anyone reading this know Kristi and Greg? Does anyone know if they are still alive?

Okay, now I am rambling and it is late. I am headed for bed with the prayer that tomorrow will be different; that I will love my God with my whole heart and my children as myself.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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5 Responses to Joy – Pain – Sunshine – Rain

  1. Jawan says:

    The onsies are adorable. Makes me wish I had a sewing machine. Girl, I had the exact same day today. I think I yelled at my children for 23 hours today. The Gospel was stuck on my forehead instead of in my heart. Apologies poured from my mouth all day long.

  2. zellner says:

    I hate days like that- when at the end of the day I have a heavy heart and want so badly for the next day to be different. I will pray for patience and for the vision to see this as a season of life. You are not alone!

  3. Julia says:

    I was at the boathouse for lunch yesterday…sorry I missed you!

  4. ruthanne says:

    Greg and kristi are still alive – they were good when i saw them in may – krisit is teaching music at a classical school here in atl and greg is still at christ church buckhead. cooper is growing like crazy and is a cute kid. i think he is 6

  5. Julia says:

    I am sorry you had a rough day…know that to question yourself makes you a better person and a stronger mother!


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