Today was something else.

Little is out of school this week and so “the house is aliiiiive, with the sound of Liiiiiittllllle.” In other words, it is noisy every waking minute. We spent the morning watching Roadtrip to the Beach, playing on the swing set, doing a sticker project I came up with, and building THE TALLEST Lego tower EVER! I also managed to make this:

Enough peas and carrots to last KB all week. This and the pears and peaches I blended up should do just fine. (All for the low price of: $3.50)
Speaking of lunch, this is how Bubba ate lunch today:
Yes, that is him gazing at a photo of his Toddler Time class. Funny that today is Wednesday – his first without Toddler Time since September – and he is obviously missing them.

Libby came this afternoon and I spent the afternoon working on two upcoming events at our church. One task involved hunting a piece of yellow gingham scrapbook paper that, apparently, only exists at the one store I did NOT go to. (For Pete’s Sake)

I got home and my Little yelled, “Oh My Gosh!” I almost passed out. I know it is nothing compared to what one might hear in a locker room, but she is my Little and . . . I mean really.

Then friends from school stopped by on their way home from vacation. Our home was a perfect stopping point for stretching legs and filling stomachs. Baby Will was born just 8 weeks after KB (all of our children are separated by mere months) and so Nicole and I had fun swapping baby stories, talking scrapbooks, and laughing. Kermit and Honey talked serious stuff (Ironman reviews and theology) and the kids played. It was so great to have them here. 6 kids under five in one house is A LOT of commotion, but time well spent indeed. Can’t believe the only pictures I got were these of KB and Will getting their flirt on. (I don’t know where she gets that.)

And now, getting ready for bed, I went to take my make up off and got a laugh. I have used Mary Kay eye makeup remover for years (my sister is a consultant and has kept me well stocked) but found my bottle empty and Cover Girl Clean in my hand. For some reason (probably because I have been married to Honey for almost 8 years) I found myself reading the instructions. If that weren’t ridiculous enough, the instructions said, “. . . Close eyes before applying . . .” SERIOUSLY! And the thing is, if it is written there it is because someone needed to know!

and good night!

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2 Responses to TODAY

  1. Meagan Price says:

    SO SO SO jealous you guys got to be together. How come no one vacations on the east coast so they’ll stop by and see ME???!!! 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

    Oh Meggers, I’d do it in a heartbeat if only I could!


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