Not the silent type

I haven’t had much to say. I know this may cause many of you to question all you know to be true, but I haven’t had much to say. I am exhausted, busy, and ready for a girls’ night out to see McDreamy in a (most-likely) cheesy rip-off of “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. This outing will take place Saturday night and I am ready. The movie will be proceeded by a salad supper at Ruby’s and I am equally excited about that!

Oh, I am so sorry! What is that picture of my cute honey and Little doing here? Ooops.

Other things on the homefront:
We have flies all over the house. I killed five today – with a Kleenex in my hand. That’s right folks – no fly swatter. These FAT flies are so lazy they just sit there and beg you to end their misery. It is nerve racking to have a HUGE fly just sit there. Flies are supposed to bzzzz and flitter around. Something is very wrong.

Shop N Save has sugar 4/$5 this week and I am going tomorrow to stock up.

Speak of sugar and look what happened – a random photo of my sweet boy. How did that happen?

Honey is taking the day off tomorrow.

Little is getting molds done for new shoe inserts. Patty-Bobs, they are called. Isn’t that a happy name for shoe inserts?

I am all registered for the NODCC conference this summer (National Organization for Disorders of the Corpus Callosum). It is in Cherry Hill, NJ and the guy who inspired the movie Rainman is going to be a speaker! Yes, he has ACC too – just like Little. Now, he has other things NOT like Little, and yet, now that I think of it she does sound like him at times. Anyway, it will be three days on my own in Cherry Hill trying to learn all I can about my little girl’s brain and how we can help move her forward. I will also spend a couple hours by the pool for the first time since Beach Project 1997 and plan to read a book or two on the flight out. Ahhh. Thanks to Memom for planning to come help with the kids.

Mother’s day was nice. I had sent Honey the link to my friend Amy’s blog and the hilarious post she did on Mother’s Day Tips. He didn’t read it until Sunday afternoon and I heard him say, “Sorry.” I got a blender. He apologized for giving me a kitchen appliance. Meanwhile, I am really excited about my very nice blender and the opportunity to now drink green smoothies like my friend Sarah! I just have to learn how to pick out Kale. . .

What else? Today Little tried to take KB’s bib off while I wasn’t looking. When I turned back around, due to the screaming from my 7 month old, the bib was off and there was a red mark on her neck that looked like someone had tried to strangle her – – and I guess, technically, someone had.

Bubba’s Toddler Time class had a Mother’s Tea yesterday. He cried through the first song, they “let” me take him out during the next two and then he danced like a maniac during the finale. I was told that during practice he stood tall and proud and sang every word of, “My mommy has a special name, it’s m-o-m-m-y.” I believe them. I’ve seen him do it here. You know I’m going to tape it soon and you can see it too.

The new Dotmine calendars are out and they are cute! The familytime.mine calendar has been my friend for two years now. I LOVE IT. The designs are hip and fun and the inside is just about EVERYTHING I need in a planner. Thank you to the mom’s who stopped talking and DID and have given us such a great result. I’m going to get one for my birthday.

Happy Birthday month to me!

Have I mentioned that I am heading up the crafts for VBS at our church? I am excited and terrified all at the same time. That’s a whole ‘nother post.

And finally, we have hired a gal to keep the kids a bit throughout the summer. She is attending Wheaton College (my parents’ alma mater) and is home for the summer looking to make extra money. A friend gave her our name and she came over Wednesday to meet the brood. She is a doll! I am so excited. She’ll come for several hours during the week and then one night a weekend so we can HAVE A DATE NIGHT! Yea!! Thank you, Jesus!

Isn’t that hilarious?

And now to bed where I hope to fall into an immediate coma-like sleep.

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2 Responses to Not the silent type

  1. april says:

    That was a lot for “not much to say!” Happy Birthday month. Sad I will miss your actual b’day. We leave for B’ham tomorrow. We must celebrate! But maybe not until next month 😦 Can you have two birthday months?

  2. Sarah says:

    I was leisurely reading your lovely and always humorous post, when, low and behold, you linked to me!! I’m so honored, B. Thanks for the luv!So about kale…it’s really not complicated. They come in nifty bunches. Pick ones that have nice, crisp leaves, as opposed to ones that are beginning to wilt. (You should be able to get about 2 bunches for $1!! Get ready to let the frugal shopper in you do a little dance at that price!!) Then, you take em home, thoroughly wash the leaves (and I stress thoroughly…it’s not unheard of to find a dead bug or two hiding in the curls of the leaves), then tear the leafy part from the stems, chop like crazy, and then comes the fun part…drinking in all the goodness of a GREEN SMOOTHIE!!! I’m am so excited to hear what you think of them. Remember, you are in charge of what goes into your smoothie, so if ya wanna add more fruit, go for it. More honey? Go for it. Let the green smoothie madness continue…Love you, B!


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