I picked the wrong week to start WW!!

This week:

  • KB went mobile.
  • Little learned the phrase, “I don’t want to” and has used it with great fervor.
  • Bubba is boycotting sleep during the day and is thus a PILL after 4:30PM.
  • Bubba started therapy.
  • KB has been on Omnicef and practically ruined EVERY outfit I put on her.
  • The women’s council at church had their big planning “retreat”.
  • Honey and I argued. We made up. He apologized 🙂
  • Honey is out of town for three days.
  • Little clocked KB in the eye with a book – I am still not sure how that is going to turn out. So far there is only a slash on her eyelid.
  • Little’s teacher called to tell me this story:

Little and “Bill” (name changed to protect the NOT SO INNOCENT!) got off the elevator at school and Ms. Pam heard Little say, “Tell me you love me again.” and “Bill” answered, “I want to kiss you.” SERIOUSLY! SO, I have been having consistent conversations with my FOUR year old that kisses are for family. If anybody else wants a kiss you tell them, “NO! Kisses are for family! Kisses are special” and maybe, by Monday I will have taught her, “Back off, Bill!”

  • I had the rite of passage of preschool mom’s: I am now the proud owner of a hand print tile trivet! I LOVE IT!!!
  • I painted Little’s toes PINK and I have now heard the phrases, “My toes are PIIIIINK.” and “Your toes are RED!” 872 times.I told Little that when daddy gets home we are going to get a swing set – okay, I am a novice mom – this was a big mistake. I have now heard the phrases, “We can get a SWIIIING SEEEET.” and “I will swing in the grass!” and “Daddy will get me a SWIIIIIING SEEEEET.” 993 times.
  • I DID get to see this today:

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4 Responses to I picked the wrong week to start WW!!

  1. amy says:

    you make me smile. happy mother’s day!

  2. Sarah says:

    KB sure looks like a Kicklighter!

  3. Penny says:

    Thanks! I was wondering. The one who did the math…she’s an engineer. go figure… 🙂


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