Paid to be Me

It happens all the time. I’ll have a fabulous idea and the next month it will be in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. When these things happen, I turn to my honey and say, “I should be paid to be me.”

Well, today I worked some magic in the world of groceries and it felt like I got paid to be me!!

I got my Walgreens rebate check in the mail yesterday ($44.67). I was supposed to get a gift card (they add an extra 10% if you choose to get your rebate as a gift card) but the good Lord knew best.
My friend Janet came to stay at the house while my kids napped today so I could work the grocery magic. I went to the bank to cash my rebate check and then headed to Schnucks where I picked up this:
13 boxes of cereal
4 packages of yogurt
3 bags of rice cakes
5 cans of diced tomatoes
2 banquet meals (hey, honey is out of town)
Original price: $83.07
After sales and coupons: $17.06
OOP (out of pocket): NOTHING – used my rebate check 🙂
Next I went to Shop-n-Save for $10 off $50 Thursday. My receipt is downstairs, but I paid $50 exactly and that was after the $10 off and several dollars in coupons.
Then, I stopped by Walgreens on the way home to work a little magic (thank you, MoneySavingMom). Cover Girl is on sale B1G1 50%off. and if you buy 6 items you will get $20 in register rewards! So, I quickly chose six items (Little has been obsessing about pink toes ever since they had a spa unit at school, so there is of course PINK polish):
Original Price: $27.66
After sale and coupons: $12.51
OOP: 0 – I used my rebate!!
The catalina machine printed 2 – $10.00 coupons and I used one to get this:
So, I still have $15 from my rebate check and a $10 catalina!
I got paid to be me!
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1 Response to Paid to be Me

  1. The Lovealls says:

    OK, so you are pretty much awesome…you need to teach me some tricks when i am home with the baby…i will be waiting for your lessons…


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