Today at our house

Thought I would let you know what has been happening during the past 24 hours at our house.

We went and did our part to support the economy,

we discovered that Bubba is just tall enough to stand under the ironing board,

I put another coat of red paint on Bubba’s height chart – I think it will take one more,

and, KB decided she would try to pull up on the rocking chair. Ya heard me. . .

I knew I came from a long line of over-achievers, but come on!!!!

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1 Response to Today at our house

  1. Debbie says:

    Your height chart is very cute! Those 3rd children can really try to keep up with their siblings. Do you remember visiting me the weekend when E was beginning to walk–at 10 1/2 months!!! It’s so sweet, though 🙂


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