Bloggy Bumblings

Yes, I haven’t posted for awhile so I am going to bumble on (ramble) about whatever suits my fancy. I will insert photos of my children at random because I can (and relatives tell me that’s why the read my blog).
It is amazing what folks will sell these days. I was just skimming through the blogs I follow on home decorating and organizing and the folks at ohdedoh had a feature on this:

Yes, this is wall decor in multiples hues of poop! The advertisement at Blik Surface Graphics say, “And since these are part of our new line of reusable, Re-Stik Wall Tiles, you can design and re-design to your heart’s content.” This is actually an important fact because it means you can easily take it off the wall when you realized what a terrible mistake it was to decorate with excrement!!!
I sold the rocking horse on Craig’s list this week. I bought it at a yard sale over three years ago and it has been ridden only a handful of times since the purchase. Over half of that handful was in the three days the horse was listed online! What’s with that? It’s like with haircuts: you decide to get it cut, make the appointment, and the day you are to get it done EVERYONE you see (including some lady at the grocery) comments on how great your haircut is. Anyway, I took photos of the kids riding “the neigh neigh” as they used to call it (from a distance) so that they could remember that time they rode it.

A gal in honey’s office is due to have a baby next month. They had a shower for her and I made my first diaper cake. I was so excited and pleased with how it turned out. I found instructions online and followed line by line – except for the bumble bee; he’s my very own. Emily and Matt decorated the nursery with precious bumble bee bedding and so I made a little bumble bee out of chenille yarn. Bubba went through an evaluation for his speech issues. He CAN say anything you say but just doesn’t initiate original thoughts in communication. So, he qualified for First Steps and started therapy last week. I think that he has challenges because his main model and most consistent friend is his sister – who has major delays and echolalia, etc. We’ll see.

Is there a record for the longest blog post ever?
KB had her six month appointment this past week. Turns out she has . . . a double ear infection. SERIOUSLY!! So, that’s five in six months and we are off to the ENT next week to talk tubes. Also, Dr. Dave kept shining the light into her eyes over and over. I finally just said, “WHAT are you looking at!!!” He thinks KB has a lazy eye. I mean, why wouldn’t she??? So, we are off to the optomo____ which ever one it is, in two weeks to have that checked. Uncle Andy says she should have to wear a patch in honor of Captain Bly from Mutiny on the Bounty (insert pirate “arggggh” here). I’ll keep you posted (get it?)

Daddy came this past weekend for KB’s baptism. He baptized our other two kids and it was important to me that he baptize KB too. Little keeps patting KB on the head and saying, “She’s baptized”. It’s hilarious.

KB is finally eating solids. Stubborn little thing just wouldn’t do it at first. NOW she is a little piggy about it and all smiles. My sister and her husband have a three hour lay over here tomorrow. We are going to go out and hang with them so they can see the kids. I figure we’ll leave the kids with them in the baggage area and honey and I will go for brunch.

I am ready for Syesha to get voted off.

Started with poop and ended with American Idol. I think I’ve done enough.
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7 Responses to Bloggy Bumblings

  1. By my estimations and my hopes in my AI “bracket” – Syesha was to go two shows ago… but I think she definately has future on Broadway!!! What a performer! Bless Brooke’s heart – so sad. I think David Cook has got it… Sue

  2. annaj says:

    Can’t wait to see them!! And you, of course.

  3. Jawan says:

    Ok, you had me laughing my head off when reading this post. Mitch was in the other room when he overheard me snickering….he asked, “What’s so funny?”. I said, “Becky, she’s cracking me up with her ramblings. I can so hear her voice as I read this post.”

  4. Lyra says:

    That diaper cake is AWESOME! I know Emily loved it! I’ve been meaning to post on your blog ever since you posted the blog on people checking in. I did to you what I hate for people to do to me! I’m sorry! I love reading your blog. And, I’m so glad that you linked to your sister’s blog, because I was so encouraged by her blog, too!

  5. Anonymous says:

    THAT was an awesome post and not just because I got referenced.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love the diaper cake. Love the kids. Love you! MO

  7. Julia says:

    I think that the POOP wall paper is too funny! I wish I knoew about the diaper cake! Amee’s shower is Monday morning…want to sell tht one to me NOW!!!


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