The True You

As I have mention before, we take photos of the kids with a carefully chosen something every month for the first year and then on each birthday after that. The plan is to do this until I take a picture of each kid in wedding attire holding their frog, car, or duck (respectively).

Sweet Bubba is four months shy of turning three and hadn’t had his two year old car photo taken yet. I had tried, mind you, but my two year old boy is ALL TWO YEAR OLD BOY and wouldn’t ever sit still. Earlier this week, Little pulled out the family portrait album which contains the compilation of her 15 frog photos and Bubba’s 13 car photos. When Bubba saw all the photos, he got a bit excited. I explained that we needed to take another one while he was still two, ran to comb his hair, and grabbed the car.

The other thing you need to know is that I am more committed to having photos/portraits that portray who my kid is/was at a certain stage than having a perfectly pretty photo/portrait. The “true you” type pictures.

This is the first photo I took of Bubba today:
This will NOT be going in his book. Why? Because his hair is combed, he is sitting still, and smiling for the camera. This is NOT my son.

THIS will go in the book. THIS is my son:
AND my littlest one turned 6 months yesterday! I can’t believe it! She is trying to sit up, moving all over the house, and all smiles. She adores her brother and is adored by her sister. She is a joy to have, for sure.
This is her just a month ago –

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2 Responses to The True You

  1. amy says:

    i LOVE the true you picture-precious.and KB has gotten so big. she is beautiful.

  2. annaj says:

    you need a webcam in your house so i can logon and watch your kids whenever i feel like it!nightmare for you, heaven for me!


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