Dinner Games

Surprise! My kids were playing games at dinner. This is not a sarcastic “surprise” – this is a literal “oh my word, did you see honey? the kids are playing a game” surprise. My son who barely speaks and my daughter who doesn’t answer questions. . .

Bubba would say a word – Little would sign it. Bubba would giggle. HILARIOUS! (no mom, I did NOT have the video camera)

Words used in this little game: water, table, school, drink, milk, paper, crayons, paint, horse.

I joined in for a minute and did letters from the alphabet and let Bubba guess/tell them – he giggled and guessed while Little yelled, “Mommy is signing” and then “It’s my turn again” and they went back to their game.

I think my life is book-worthy.

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1 Response to Dinner Games

  1. Anonymous says:

    Definitely book worthy. I have had a thousand titles cross my mind and in only 9 years! Imagine what you’ll have in 20! My favorite was, “There’s Mascara On My Shirt and We’re Late For Church Again”, that I really said aloud in the car, after a battle with my 5 year old over a glass of orange juice! 🙂 Mo


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