Small Talk

The conversation I just had with my four year old:
(She just awoke from her nap and I went in to start “room-time”)

L “Momma is here.”
M “Yes I am – yuck it smells in here”
L “I have a poopy diaper.”
M “Well, let’s change it so you can have some room time.”
L “I need to get my notebook first”
M “I’ll get your notebook while you get a clean diaper.”
(I go get her notebook (spiral notebook used to communicate with preschool teacher) and the “Tad’s Silly Number Farm” LeapPad book”)
L “There’s my notebook.” – she drops the Tad book and lays down holding her notebook
L “I can’t reach my Tad book now.”
M “Well, you really only need one book at a time.”
L “She is cleaning me all up. Then we will go get ‘The Bubs.'”
M “He is still sleeping. We’ll let him sleep because he isn’t feeling very well.”
L “He isn’t feeling very well. We’ll let him sleep and then he can get up and see me. He will feel better. Can we turn on ‘Grace and Compassion'”?
(Scripture CD – first song is Psalm 111:5, “The Lord is gracious and compassionate. He provides redemption for His people.”)
M “Sure we can, honey. There you go. I’ll see you in a bit.”

Sometimes, I love my life.
Time to go get up “the Bubs” so he can see his sister and feel all better!

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2 Responses to Small Talk

  1. Anonymous says:

    And to think she couldn’t consistently initiate coversation 4months ago. I stand amazed and laugh from pure joy!! And I too would feel better if I saw Little.Memom

  2. annaj says:

    i love that little girl!


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