Throw yo hands in the aya. .

I sing to Bubba all the time. Bubba loves to sing and seems to be more content to work WITH me if I sing his instructions or sing as we work TOGETHER.

Yesterday I was singing him through getting undressed for a bath. Do any other mom’s do this? It was more of a rap this time. . . “We’re taking off your clothes. . . your shirt’s hung on your nose. . . pull your jeans over your toes. . .we’re going to take a bath – hey-hey -we’re going to take a bath.” (I know, poetry) You wanna know what my 2.5 year old’s response was?? He said,
“Heeeeyyy Hooohhh! Heeeey Hoooohhh!” SERIOUSLY.

I swing between wondering where I went wrong and thinking I have the COOLEST 2.5 year old.

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6 Responses to Throw yo hands in the aya. .

  1. Jawan says:

    You have done nothing wrong, my friend….he’s really just a cool 2.5 year old.

  2. Debbie says:

    Definitely cool!

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh no, Becky, don’t you even begin to think, “where did I go wrong?” Alway err on the side of “I have the coolest kid EVER!!” That story cracked me up. Tell Bubba his peeps say…Wassup!And just so you don’t feel alone, I’ll tell ya that Calvin’s absolute favorite music is “trip-hop” (Dave’s favorite), and he’ll really tell a person this when they ask him. In fact, Dave and I are going to the Radiohead concert next month and we actually seriously considered taking Calvin, too. He adores Radiohead and we would take him, except that it would be waaaaay past his bedtime!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    He’s definitely cool! I remember when J sang “Who let the dogs out!” completely out of the blue just about the age of 3, the year he started preschool! UGGHHHH! Mo

  5. lvargo says:

    Whatch out B for the songs you create! I used to sing about to GA ALLLLL the time too. I’d make up little songs about whatever we were doing. The most embarrassing time was when she LOUDLY asked for the poo poo in the potty song in the middle of the GROCERY STORE!! Hey, at least we weren’t in the public library!


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