School Book Orders

Remember when we were little and teachers sent home the book order forms from Scholastic? Well, it was a REAL treat when we actually got to order anything. It was rare – but I would spend a LOT of time pouring through the pages. See, contradictory to what my husband thinks, I love books and love to read! I so desperately want my children to share that love.

Well, Little has brought home two sets of book orders. The first came home during financial boot camp and so we ordered nothing. The second came home right after boot camp success and so I celebrated by ordering myself, I mean Little a few books. Aren’t they pretty??
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5 Responses to School Book Orders

  1. Allison says:

    I always loved new books as a kid…and I still do!

  2. Olivia really liked Pinkalicious. She’d wake up and pretend she’d turned pink!

  3. zellner says:

    I loved the days when the books showed up finally- Olivia has been able to order this year and since I have a soft spot for it, she has been able to get two or three each time- Such fun on arrival day!

  4. Sarah says:

    I felt the same way you did when Calvin brought home his first book order from preschool! I absolutely adored getting those books orders when i was in elementary school. We splurged for his first book order, and spent like $13. Then I realized that he would be bringing a book order home EVERY MONTH!! So alas, we have not ordered any more books. But Calvin sure does love to look through the Scholastic leaflets. He tends to freak out when they mysteriously make their way to the recycling bin…

  5. Debbie says:

    I always loved Book Order delivery day. There’s just something wonderful about walking back into your classroom to see a stack of books (and posters were a treat, too) of brand new books to take home and read. None of my girls have brought book orders home this year and I miss them!


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