Baby Dinners

A friend in town had a baby recently and I am taking them dinner tonight. It’s her third and I thought, having had my own third just five months ago, this might be an encouragement that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Funny, getting the meal ready and to her is a reminder that I have yet to “come into the light”!

Remembered I was supposed to take dinner to the Barbers on Sunday night at 8:30PM. Checked the pantry and realized there were four things missing that I would need and realized I would have to take another trip to the grocery store with all three children (yes, the same grocery store we terrorized a mere four days ago). I resolved that we would go first thing and there would be no car buggy.

Planned on my staple Chicken Pot Pie and Salad, but thought that in honor of St. Patricks Day, I would make these during naps:

Went to bed smiling.
Woke up ready.
Trip to grocery went off without a hitch. (Even got a “how cute” about my kids).
Got home and realized that I had not gotten eggs; could not make adorable cupcakes.
Remembered my worth is not measured by how “Martha” I am.
Made this instead:

I copied it off another blog I read, {borrowed heaven} ,- the jelly beans were already in the bottle and I was just WAITING on an occasion to stick a diecut on it. Hope the two older children will like it and that Leesa won’t kill me for making so much sugar so readily available!

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