Bad Mommy Day

I am having a bad mommy day. It started out so well. Really.
Then no one would eat their breakfast.
Then everyone played together like angels.
Then we ran to the grocery store. The one with the car-buggys.

I had 6 things on my list, everyone strapped in, the discussion about honoring Jesus was given, and we were off. First stop: Cake mix for $.80. It was here that Bubba leaned on Little who screamed like a banshee, stomped her feet, and hit the boy. This is where my mom would have packed everyone up and headed out to the car. I took the, “It was hard work getting all of you here, suck it up kids” approach – separated the children – and kept going.

No, lie – I cannot recall one time that my kids have been UGLY in the grocery store. I now admit it has been an area of pride for me. I didn’t realize it was an area of pride until the proverbial fall cameth today. Bubba and Little cried and scream/cried (respectively) through the entire shopping trip. We went to get in line and I saw one guy turn to look and help me find a line shorter than his!!!

When we did get in line, the lady behind the register said, “Oh, the children usually are so happy in the car-buggys.” I smiled. Smirked? No, smiled. She then asked the required yet obviously rehearsed (It seemed obvious how I was doing), “How are you today?” and I answered, through beads of sweat, “I am the lady everyone is staring at and questioning my parenting.” The bag boy laughed.

Redirection of everyone’s attitude was found in the minivan.
Once there was repentance and forgiveness, I found myself sulking and then realized that if I told them I forgave them, then it’s over. I cannot continue to punish them with my silence. I am battling to live that even now(as my oh so tired son refuses to nap downstairs).

Oh, and just to end this on such a positive note, if one more person looks at me and my three children under four and says through a sigh and with sardonic tones, “You have YOUR hands full” I am going to scream!! And especially don’t say that when I am pushing a gargantuan shopping cart with a car attached to the front holding my wailing two year old, with a crying four year old in the seat and and gurgling 4m old in the basket hidden under yogurt and a cake mix.

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7 Responses to Bad Mommy Day

  1. Debbie says:

    Oh, Becky!! I know those days can be so trying! I have been there :). It sounds like you handled yourself marvelously–you even made the bag boy laugh :). I do hope the rest of the day goes more smoothly! Take a deep breath and pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you up!!!

  2. Graham says:

    Have I ever told you that I love your blog? Also, have I ever told you that Kelly (of is my sister. No joke. See you Sunday!

  3. Jawan says:

    Hate pride…it gets me everytime!

  4. Sarah says:

    Next time I see you, Becky, I’ll be sure to say to you, “My, it sure looks like you have your hands full!” Then you can swiftly punch me in the face!

  5. amigander says:

    Hey Becky. I’ve been lurking around your blog for a while now. I’m not much of a commenter, but I’ve enjoyed keeping up on your sweet family. Let me just say that this post pretty much summarizes almost all of my shopping trips these days. I get lots of looks. And, I don’t handle it nearly as graciously as you did. I usually travel with lots of snacks. We miss you over here at Gulf!

  6. Yes, it REALLY gets under my skin when people tell me I have my hands full. As much as I try to not let it get to me, it (for some reason) – always does! There’s got to me something more encouraging to say than that! And when I figure out what it is, I will say it to you! 🙂 One thing I will say for now, You are a braver woman than I am to take all 3 to the grocery store. That is always something I try to avoid if at all possible! Mainly because it will turn out just like your trip (only much worse!) Hope that cake is yummy! 🙂 ~annie

  7. Nicole says:

    Maybe we should all get together and think of something to say back to these folks that is pleasant, but also shows that “children are a gift from God” and our attitude can (sometimes 🙂 be different.


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