Find It For Me!

Even today I realized how much time I don’t have. What happened today? Well, I was changing Little’s diaper and the phone rang. I jumped up and ran to get the phone and while in the kitchen (less than 30 sec, mind you) Bubba swung a bag of crayons and busted Little’s lip. Screaming and blood ensued. Bubba got frustrated that so much screaming was taking place and threw crayons in anger. Mommy (that’s me) corrected Bubba. Bubba set his jaw and threw another crayon. Battle of the wills commensed and mommy then heard, “She did a good job.” Looking over I saw Little rolling KB across the floor – Little still does not have a new diaper on. Ooops. Bubba pinched mommy (battle is still raging) and as mommy turns to continue “discussion” she hears Little say, “I tooted.” Mommy jumped up yelling, “Do you have to potty? Stay dry and run to the potty. Let’s go, Little! To the potty.” Little ran to the potty and walked back saying, “I’m already finished,” as mommy sees puddle on carpet. Bubba lets out a scream to let mommy know he has not been defeated.

Little did get dressed.
KB did NOT get rolled into a tinkle puddle.
Battle of wills ended after 1 hour and 15 minutes. Mommy 1 Bubba 0 – – kisses and hugs were had by all.

So, with a life like this, who has time to shop for the latest cool “stuff” for kids. Not me! But there are a few websites out there that do the work for you. Like or Popular Baby Products. One has fun stuff for your kids and one for babies – I’ll let you go look to see which is which.

Now, I am not always in a place to buy what they list, BUT the ideas are great and keep my mind working. . . while I am changing diapers, cleaning tinkle puddles, and battling for my child’s soul!

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2 Responses to Find It For Me!

  1. ~Mad says:

    YOU make me tired! This is why you have your children while you are young – just ask Margaret.~Mad

  2. Amanda says:

    Bless your heart. 🙂 Crazy times. When do you have time to blog everyday? You put the rest of us once-a-weekers to shame!! And you always do fun projects w/ your kids…you are super mom!!


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