Another Talker

When each of our children were 8 weeks old we had their picture taken in a diaper and we hung it above the changing “table”. Neither of our first two ever noticed it was there.

I think KB is going to be our overtly extrovert. She will talk to anyone (even her hands) and chats up a storm – like she has something very important to say.
Well, she saw her picture this morning. It was hilarious. She smiled so big and then just started chatting with herself. I am sure she was asking photo baby if she had good sleeps and if her nose was clogged up too. She asked if photo baby’s siblings gave her so many kisses and where to find socks for her presently cold feet. It was ADORABLE.
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1 Response to Another Talker

  1. MightyMom says:

    gotta love that baby talk!!thanks for coming by my place today. come on back anytime.yes my 3 all have developmental delays…mostly speech…maybe Asperger’s maybe who-knows-what.I’ve spent most of my life from HS on working with SN kids and it was really no surprise that God gave me kids who were outside the “norm” what I’ve learned: Each and every child is PERFECT, as is.and they’re just so darned cute too! 🙂


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