Bye Bye Thumb!!

If you ask Little what happens when she turns four, she will tell you that “I’m gonna stop suckin’ my thumb.” Have I told you this already? Anyway, this Bite Free came in the mail today. I got it from a website for free (only had to pay shipping and handling). The website is called and there is very little to choose from, but I had been praying about what I was going to do to help Little kick the habit. My mom put yucky tasting stuff on my thumb and she said by the second day I was over it! (I remember putting my yucky tasting thumb in my mouth and not being able to spit enough to get the taste to go away.) So, I was looking online for suggestions of what to use, saw this, and the same day it popped up as being added at . Thank you Jesus!

Now I turn to trusting Him to use it for it’s purpose – bye bye thumb sucking!

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2 Responses to Bye Bye Thumb!!

  1. amy says:

    we got our “nail polish” today too. let me know how it goes at your house. we’re going to wait until everyone is healthy to move forward. fun times ahead!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Did this work? We tried it for Anna and nothing. A year later after duck tape therapy-she’s over it. Now it’s Huddy’s turn. . . oh no.


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