I made my first purchase from Etsy. Lauren mentions this website often and highlights really neat things women are making from home. This week I had a realization and Etsy provided the answer to our need.

Bibs are a big part of our household. Little may be turning four next week, but the fact that she is completely unaware of herself leads to food everywhere and on everything. Bubba is getting better but we are a ways from discarding his bibs altogether. And KB is soon to be entering the bib world.

We have a drawer of bibs in the kitchen. The are stained, shrunken, faded, and HIDEOUS.

I have been lamenting our need of a bib overhaul and the cost that would mean for us and began looking for an alternative. Enter Mommin’ It Up (I don’t know this woman but I LOVE reading her blog) and her entry for Works for Me Wednesdays. She talked about how her daughter won’t keep her bib on and she found this product called Bebe Belay. I get excited – this is the answer to my dilemma!

It’s an adjustable clip that you can put on ANYTHING to use it as a bib, i.e. dish cloths, wash cloths, the nearest discarded t-shirt – whatever. I went to the website and got ready to order them when I realized that I could probably find it elsewhere for less $$. I went to Ebay – nothing. And then I thought of Etsy, and LOOK . . .

1/2 the price, 1/4 the shipping cost and the money goes to a SAHM in Philly who is working to help her husband. Yeah!

Think these might be useful around your house? Go visit Karyn at her Etsy shop: The Diaper Bag Wrangler.

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1 Response to Bibilicious

  1. Hey thanks for the shout-out! I loves me a bargain, I am gonna have to try out one of these!! Can’t beat that price! I LOOOOVE Etsy too!


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