Leap Year Baby

My friend Liz was born on Feb. 29 – a leap year baby. So, this year is actually the fourth time she gets to celebrate on her actual birthday. I was so excited that I remembered. I bought her a real gift and have been walking by it reminding myself that I need to wrap it up and get it into the mail with enough time to spare.

A friend from my church called and offered to come over tomorrow for two hours so I can run errands with no kids! Isn’t that the dearest! So, I sat down last night and made a list of the places I need to go and what I need to do to be ready to get it all done. So, returns to Target – all bagged and by the door. Clothes to sell at consignment – all bagged and by the door. Ah – I can go to the post office child free and mail Liz’s package.

So, I just wrapped it in a brown bag and addressed it all up. Then I realized – – No card. No note saying it is from me. No wrapping paper on the actual box. I am a loser!

Sorry, Liz. It’s from me. Hope you like it.
Happy Birthday! You and Little turn four two days apart 🙂

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1 Response to Leap Year Baby

  1. Fun to read a blog about ME- how special I feel!! Then I think, what are the chances Becky has TWO friends named Liz who are leap year babies….no, can’t be. By the way, this will be my 8th real birthday. Thanks in advance for the gift- I can’t believe you did that- you are too wonderful. Did you remember that my “luv language” is “gifts”???


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