I love games.

Today I saved $45.04 at Walgreens. That isn’t counting the $19 rebate check and the $45 of coupons I have coming in the mail in a couple weeks! Now, if you can get past the fact that I shopped on Sunday and listen to this, I have something fun to share with you. It all started at Christmas . . .

I received a subscription to Woman’s Day magazine from my mom; it has quickly become a favorite. While reading through EVERY page of the January issue, I stumbled across “How to save $$ on Groceries” and I started to peruse. Many tips were listed and several websites sited. I went to visit one (my sister is going to gag she is sooo tired of hearing me talk about this, I’m sure): TheGroceryGame.com. I have since saved an average of $35 – $40 a week at both Schnucks (our grocery store) and Walgreens.

You can sign up for a 4 week trial for a dollar and then go from there. What is it? Well, Terri has a computer program that tracks sales and coupons. She posts her list weekly that tells you when to use what coupons to get the best deal. Apparently stores cycle through sale items with some kind of system and at a certain point in the cycle everything reaches an all time low price – – THAT is when you want to use your coupons, etc. So, she tells you when to buy it. You have to be willing to “stockpile” somethings, but as time passes your “need list” gets shorter because of your stockpile downstairs. So, I have been doing this for 6 weeks and am now reaching a point where I can shop in my basement and just need fruits and veggies from the store.

What’s it cost? I pay $1 for the paper every Sunday and $1.20 to thegrocerygame.com each week. ($10/8 weeks is how she charges you) We have sooooo saved that already – – and I am buying stuff I would buy anyway – not random things. And I am actually getting things I wouldn’t get because now the Special K is less than $2 instead of almost $5!!! And you can choose what grocery/drug stores you want to subscribe to. Here they only do Schnucks and Walgreens, but in Birmingham they do Publix and CVS and a couple others. In Nashville there is a list of about seven you can choose from!

So, go check it out. And if you decide to try it let me know first. If you sign up through me I can work toward a few free weeks (smile).
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4 Responses to I love games.

  1. erika says:

    Been doing this for about a year…it’s fun. :)Glad you are a part of the club!!

  2. Allison says:

    I want to join. what do I do to get you your free week?

  3. amy says:

    you’ll eventually get so good at it that you won’t need the subscription!! 🙂


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