Words – a few written and three thousand below

This weekend has been crazy. I spent Friday night with several women from our church that I barely know. We have a day of spiritual enrichment coming up and we are giving away little goodies – well these women all got together to put together the goodies. It was fun getting to be creative and getting to know part of our church family. Apparently they get together to be crafty quite often – I hope to be a part of that again.

Saturday I got a call from a friend I haven’t seen in 10+ years. Leigh Ann was a friend during my college years. She and her husband, Dustin, were on several beach projects with me and our years of friendship included many road trips, shared Christmas jobs, and culminated in my being in their wedding. The Lord took Dustin home last year and LeighAnn and I have emailed two or three times. She called on Saturday because she was in town for a wedding at OUR CHURCH (can you believe that?) and we got to sit down for an hour and talk before she had to get the children ready and I had to meet friends. It was a convicting hour, a sobering hour, and an encouraging hour (can you believe that?). It was GOOD to be with an old friend; GOOD to meet her children and see bits of she and Dustin in them; GOOD to talk about our friend, Dustin; and GOOD to cry with her over such a sad season. I am so grateful for that hour.

Saw “27 Dresses” and laughed outloud. It is no Oscar winner but it was cute and funny. And since I have worn 11 dresses myself, I definitely identified with bits!

KB slept 12 hours through the night and we are happy for her(!) and us! She is growing so quickly and as I packed up her 0-3M clothes I felt a pang of sadness. I like little babies. I do.

Little is talking non-stop. She said yesterday, “Mom, I want to play with you.” My heart stopped. Then I thought, “Where did MOM come from?” Remembering the bigger picture I said, “Of course I will play with you!!!!” and skipped into the other room! Later she was playing with the Leapfrog magnets on the frig and Bubba tried to cut in on the action. Her response was, “This is MY refrigerator, Bubba!” And there you go. . .

Bubba is sick with a cold – now both his feet and nose are running. He must really feel bad, though, becasue he snuggled up to me on the couch today. LOVED it!

Enough written words! Here are a few photos of #3.

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4 Responses to Words – a few written and three thousand below

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your thoughts and your words.That’s all.Love, ~Madhttp://www.xanga.com/madewyn

  2. Penny says:

    I’m enjoying keeping up with you through your blog. Ron and I have jumped on the blogging bandwagon and are having a ball with it. Thanks for the cute stories and pictures… I found out last week I’m having another boy! Any ideas for boy names?http://www.philleypham.blogspot.com (in case you’re interested)

  3. Debbie says:

    Your kids are all growing up! Isn’t KB a cutie. Am I seeing some Andy in her??? Little is getting to be a little talker :). Enjoy this stage.

  4. erika says:

    i like this glimpse into your life. makes me wish WE had an hour! 🙂


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