Splish Splash

Two things my kids love at the moment: baths and blocks. So, the perfect Christmas gift, it seemed, would combine these two loves – – but was there anything of this nature out there??? Sit back ladies and gents and get your mouse finger ready for some clicking, because if you have amateur builders/bathers in your home, this product is WONDERFUL:


Tuesdays honey works late and so that means extended bath time for the younguns. Tonight we pulled this toy out for the first time and WOW! They would have kept going if I hadn’t said it was time to get out.

Just something for you to file under “fun”.

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1 Response to Splish Splash

  1. Jawan says:

    Can’t believe I’m leaving these words as my comment. Luke tooted in the tub during bathtime last night and he cracked up when he saw the bubbles. We both couldn’t stop laughing!


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