She’s making a list. . .

People I thought we would hear from this Christmas but haven’t:
(“You don’t write – you don’t call”)

1. The Hills – what’s goin ooooooon?
2. The Sanders
3. The Banks
4. The Cunninghams
5. Dooley – missed your beautiful cards
6. Hickmans 😦
7. the Moores
(Isn’t this just like elementary school where the teacher called you out by name in front of everyone? Maybe you were never called out in front of everyone for let’s say . . .talking. I was and this is just like it sorta.)
8. The Oteys- except for an email about Christmas Vacation and I won’t count that on principle.
9. The Saunders – I missed the picture of their HUGE family.
10. Vargos – as in the A. Vargos- what’s up with that???

Now there are other people we didn’t hear from that we don’t usually hear from and there are friends who have emailed and said, “I’ll get to it soon” and have a newer baby and I understand that. To the ten above – we hope all is well and miss you. No pressure 🙂

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3 Responses to She’s making a list. . .

  1. the sanders says:

    we made your top ten list…wow. well, there’s a simple explanation. we’ve been sick. for the last two months someone in our house has been sick–except for maybe a day or two in there. no exaggeration. at one point they thought that julia had pneumonia or meningitis…they never figured out what it was. so yeah, we dropped off the face of the earth. i still love you and check your blog daily!!!

  2. BKicklighter says:

    Hope everyone is well now. How scary about Julia – they thought KB might have meningitis at one point too – that is a scary word.Are you well now? How was Christmas? Happy New Year – Miss hearing about your life, the email address I have for you won’t work anymore. What am I doint wrong??

  3. stephanie says:

    We mailed out cards last Saturday! I blame it on: three kids, both sets of parents being in town for a week at a time in the month of December (thus hosting Christmas and Christmas dinner), living in NYC, mailing out 175 cards (because of supporter list), blah, blah, blah…but I do feel very honored to have made the list!! I feel loved and missed! Oh, and Patton has been throwing up this morning. Does that count even though it has nothing to do with our cards getting out?


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