My Great Deal

I have always been one for a good deal. I love going to yard sales and being frugal has become an art thanks to our years of seminary living (aka “the DPY”- dirt poor years). One of the things on my list for Christmas was a deep skillet – you know, one of those pans that is about 4″ deep but isn’t a wok. I have alot of dishes that require mixing ingredients on the stove and my skillet is insufficient.

Well, this week I was on for some reason I forget and I saw a Calphalon pan – 4″ deep – listed for $168.00. First of all, what kind of pan lists for $168.00??? Well, it was on sale for $25.00 – what in the world?? AND Amazon was running a special that if you buy $25 from their houseware department you qualify for a year of a magazine of your choice – – OR you can opt for a refund that equals the cost of the magazine subscription ($15.00).

SO – bottomline – I am getting my 4″ skillet that originally sales for $168.00 for $10.00!!!! You heard me!!! And FREE SHIPPING!!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all Good Night!!!
(Thanks Jeriald for such a GREAT gift)

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