Snipits – Dec. 12, 2007

After one has a baby they are showered with food from every direction. Our church family has been very generous and really has taken care of us during this time of transition. A funny story though. One famly brought us a bag of food that included chicken from the local grocery — Schnucks. It still had a feather on it!!!

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3 Responses to Snipits – Dec. 12, 2007

  1. Anonymous says:

    The other day AB asked her mom, did you make this chicken yourself. B replied, yes I did. AB asked but HOW did you make it yourself. B replied, I marinated it, dredged it in flour and fried it. AB but did you MAKE it yourself. B said YES! AB, what I mean is did you make it from plastic wrap like the store or did you make it like the ladies in the market. Oh, you mean did we wring it’s neck and pluck it? Yes, yes! No! We paid someone to do that for us:)

  2. April Barber says:

    We roasted our first whole chicken the other day and when Dan was cutting it he said “I think it still has a feather on it.” He put down the knife on the counter and walked away. I think it traumatized him.

  3. Anonymous says:

    dare i say how “fowl”. can we talk on the phone soon please?? i miss you.akc


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