Blue Hutch – #1

Well, I said I would show you the hutch and explain how it is a picture of our life, so here is the first installment. As one looked at the hutch this past Saturday, they would’ve seen this picture. Ornaments lining one side and filling the white bowl – I am busy making ornaments as gifts for cousins (see entry “Smore Angels, Please!”), teachers, bus drivers, etc. KB’s pacifier is there so that her siblings will not put it in their mouth. There is Mary Kay face moisturizer because Little’s face is so dry that I have been using this good stuff daily. There is lipstick because I keep changing between a diaper bag and purse and keep forgetting to switch the lipstick – so this way I put it on right before I leave no matter what bag I am taking. I don’t know why the TV remote is here or why the decorative plate from the den is now on the hutch. There is a Hilary Duff DVD because Honey was out of town all weekend and I needed brainless media to scrapbook to. And there is a Joanne’s bag because I finally found the fabric for KB’s stocking.

OH YEAH – and right there in the middle is the nativity. That is the perfect picture of our life. Somewhere in the rush and clutter we are trying to remember the reason for Christmas. This is when I am so thankful for my echolaic three year old – she is constantly repeating – “celebrate Christmas when Jesus – – was – – BORN!” Hallelujah!

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2 Responses to Blue Hutch – #1

  1. ~Mad says:

    Ahhhhh…..I love ya’ll!…and I love the blue hutch and all that surround it and your life.Blessings to you,~Mad

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah right Becky. Just come clean about your Hillary Duff craze! It’s alright if you own the box set and cds. We miss you-AKC


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