S’more Angels, please!

On my dad’s side of the family, all the Aunts and female cousins exchange handmade ornaments each year. The ornament pictured is one of said ornaments – I think it was given by my cousin Allen’s wife, Lynette. That is neither here nor there. The ornament is precious and it’s a s’more angel! I don’t have a problem with that. I think it is adorable. The marshmallow is an angel.

My Little is fascinated by the twinkle lights on the tree and has taken to climbing on the couch and just staring while repeating, in true echolalic form, “There’s twinkle lights.” and “It’s so pretty.” As she leans over the arm of the couch the smore angel is at eye level . After the bye bye biscuits at Thanksgiving, Little is also quite obsessed with marshmallows and so she is, in turn, quite obsessed with the marshmallow angel. AND for some reason it makes her think of a song about heaven.

I act like I don’t know which song – I do. It is a song on her Cedarmont Kids’ DVD that says, “I got wings. You got wings. All God’s children got wings. When I get to heaven gonna open up my wings and gonna fly all over God’s heaven.” I have friends who won’t let their kids listen to that song. I am feeling a little more prone toward that end. The wings on the marshmallow angel obviously prick her memory of this song.

So, Little jumps on the couch, screams “There’s twinkle lights!” and then follows it up with, “Gonna sing about when I get to heaven.” At this point I have purposely started to sing another song about when I get to heaven: “When I get to heaven gonna walk with Jesus. When I get to heaven gonna see His face. When I get to heaven gonna talk with Jesus – saved by His wonderful grace.” She seems to like it. She keeps asking me to sing it.

Today – after 20+ times of jumping on the couch and screaming . . . well, you’ve got the picture. . . I told Little to sing the song to me this time. It came out like this, “When I get to heaven gonna walk all over Jesus.” I DON’T THINK SO!

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3 Responses to S’more Angels, please!

  1. amy s says:

    that’s hysterical. i laughed out loud. i think it probably made Jesus smile too.

  2. Debbie says:

    So funny! I just love those precious comments that our children make :).

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would rather “walk all over JESUS” than love that purple freaky DUDE. UNCLE DOUG


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