Aunt Anna came to Visit

My sister came into town this week to help out. Honey was supposed to be in Orlando on business but with all that happened with KB he decided to stay here. So, the trip looked different than we planned but it was still SOOOO good to have her here. The biggest help was having hands at breakfast and the two times she drove the van and let me run into stores to get errands done. What would have taken me hours with three kids took 20 min. What a blessing.
KB is good and spoiled now and we will spend the next week trying to help her re-learn what falling asleep in a bed means!

I had to take Thomas to the doctor and Aunt Anna and Little did a painting project. Christmas wrapping paper in the making. I came home to a Green Little and my sister was pretty covered too! Still, they seemed to have a ball.

My friend Erika said I needed more photos of KB’s face. Yes, this has her name on it but I just had to post it. My dear friend Mo sent this to KB – it is sooooo soft and pretty. The outfit is from Memom and is one of few that fit her LITTLE body. (Comparatively little, that is. She just broke 9 pounds but her siblings were all born over 9.5)

Lastly, can I tell you what God did? There is a movie coming out this week called August Rush. Anna and I had talked about how we both want to see it and even said it was too bad this trip missed the release date by just a few days. Friday I got an email offering me two free tickets to an early screening of the movie last night. So, Honey watched the kids and we went to see August Rush. What a treat. Such a personal God we serve who loves us enough to give the little things.

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