Nov. 11, 2007

Today I am so emotional. No need to write in with postpardum advice. No need for over concern. I am two and a half weeks out from giving birth, today my little girl “sang” in church, today is my seventh anniversary, and today Jesus took my grandma home to be with him.

My grandma was one of the godliest women you could know. She was that kind of godly that people write books about – in my opinion. She came to my wedding seven years ago and that was the last time I saw her. Not too long after that she started “failing” and has been suffering from Altzheimers for some time. She didn’t know who any of us were, etc. You would think that with her being “gone” for so long already that this day would not be so sad. When my mom called to tell me she had died, my first and only response was, “Thank you Jesus.” But in the moments that followed I was overcome by just how sad I am. Honey says it’s the finality of it all. I guess that’s right. But whatever the explanation, I am so thankful she is in heaven with our Savior – she loved Him so, and so sad that she is gone – I loved her so.

So, seven years with my honey! I must admit that I didn’t do a thing to honor the day – ahead of time. I did go out today and get him a 42 oz. sweet tea at McDonalds. But you know what my man did? I do think this is the first time in our married life, and on THIS anniversary he has lined up sitters for us to go out to dinner. For the seventh year in a row, my faithful and kind father-in-law has given us a nice dinner on him and I must admit I didn’t know when we would ever use it. Honey planned it without telling me and we are going tomorrow night. I love that man!

Little “sang” in church this morning. I use quotes because she didn’t sing one word, really, but she word the robe, stood where she was told, did several of the hand motions, and announced at the end that they were done. Oh, and she did yell, “Good morning, mommy” as she entered the sanctuary and saw me. I cried watching her up there (see previous emotional comments, i.e. two weeks out from giving birth) just thinking that once we didn’t know what she would do and now, there she was . . . not singing in front of our church. God is so good.
Two and a half weeks from giving birth and my little KB slept two four hour stints last night. The rest was wonderful – thank you, Jesus.

Now, I am going to take a nap. Emotions are draining, eh?
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3 Responses to Nov. 11, 2007

  1. erika says:

    oh, girl. i’m so sorry about your grandma. G Money LOVED seeing Little and I showed him pictures of them together as babies. I said, “If we lived near them, you would still play together.” He liked that. So did I.Praying for you…

  2. April Barber says:

    oh becky….i am soooooooo sorry for you.

  3. susan says:

    Sweet moments and sad ones- isn’t that life on this side of heaven. I hope you have a wonderful 7th anniversary dinner, and I wish I had seen little not sing. Those are some of my favorite memories from the Kirk. Much love to you and prayers during this season of life.


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