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Okay – any ideas for a cute blog name now that we are five in number. Suggestions welcome and if we use your idea you will be sent a little sumthin sumthin as a prize 🙂

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6 Responses to Blog Title

  1. martha says:

    your name is still true:) there are not just 4. it’s a pretty cute name. m

  2. Congratulations Sweet Kicklighters! I have been thinking about you and am so glad to see your precious smiling faces on your blog. We just wish we saw you more often.:) Please give all 3 of your sweet babies kisses for us and we are rejoicing over the birth of KB.:)Love you!

  3. Meagan P says:

    My suggestions (still awaiting my prize for naming your baby):Five… Alive & Kickin’Kickin’ Into Fifth GearThe Fifth DimensionKick ‘n Play (which has nothing to do with 5, but I thought it was cute)

  4. My sugestion is Kick’n it Old School

  5. Meagan P says:

    One more suggestion…Party of FiveCan you tell I’m competitive?

  6. Jawan says:

    Kickin’ It Into 5th Gear (?????)


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