New Mommy report

Well, we made it home and through a few days alive. I am shocked at what I have forgotten about having a newborn – you think I would remember everything since I have three under four years old but nooooooo! KB has been a good baby. Main problem is that her days and nights are flipped – she is my first baby to have that problem. I don’t know what you are supposed to do about that. She is literally awake most of the night and sleeps like a log all day. Mother advice welcome here. Speaking of motherly – my mom is here and it’s so great. The kids love having memom around and I am so thankful — so so thankful!

Little loves her new sister and spends the day reporting to me what KB is doing. “KB is sleeping.” “KB is awake” “KB is eating.” She loves to hold her and give her a pacifier. It is a joy to watch. Bubba has just gotten to where he will approach her. It seems he has realized she isn’t leaving so he better make good with the new girl. He came over to kiss her yesterday and I said, “That was so sweet, Bubba.” He will now come over and kiss her and say, “Give baby kisses. MMMMMA (kiss noise). Bubba so sweet.” Good grief.

Little had her first school production on Tuesday. Her class performed the book The Big Pumpkin – Little was the big pumpkin. She did great holding her vine throughout the performance and then she stood, threw her arms open wide and said her one line, “Happy Halloween”. She did a great job – I was a proud momma. Of course, Little just wanted it to get over so she could come see KB in her carseat. She was so excited to have KB at her school!

Tonight was a fall festival at our church and we all went. Okay, it wasn’t the best decision in hindsight – the kids really were too young for most of the activities – but I am such a sucker for that kind of thing. I’ll know better next time I have my third one week before Halloween and have to decide about Fall Festival 🙂

Just a quick serious update: I have felt great and the percocet helps! Having my mom here has really been such a help and I am so thankful for all the laundry that is done and pants that are hemmed, etc. Our church family is taking good care of us and we are grateful. KB is healthy – all “scares” in the hospital are behind us. Her jaundice is gone and her breathing is normal. She is regaining weight and doing super! Thanks to all who prayed. My husband is the greatest. This is such a stressful week at work and he still took our kids around the fall fest that wasn’t age appropriate – – with a smile on his face. I love him so. God is good — all the time.

Enjoy November!

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8 Responses to New Mommy report

  1. Debbie says:

    What a sweet family! Great pictures! Sounds like KB is being welcomed into the family by Little and Bubba quite nicely :). My girls all had their days and nights mixed up for the 1st few days. I don’t remember exactly how I handled it, other than to keep them awake as much as possible during the day–particularly to wake them up to feed every 2 1/2 to 3 hours and then let them sleep as long as they can without waking them up at night. I know it is easier said than done :). I cried many times when my girls just wouldn’t wake up–especially when I was so tired!I will pray that KB adjusts very soon.

  2. amy s says:

    I second Debbie’s advice. Abs had her days and nights mixed up and it was NOT fun! But it does work itself out in time. Glad that you are doing well–looks like you guys are having fun in the midst of the transition to three. (I went to an Easter Egg hunt a week after the good ol’ c-section…and had the same thought- -“What am I doing??” Amazing what we do for fun memories for the munchkins.) KB is beautiful! Love you!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a great entry with pics today – thanks for that. Lifting you guys up continuously.“God is good at all times” <----Gary Fenton's most oft repeated line.....Love ya’ll,~Mad

  4. Jawan says:

    Thanks for all the great pics, giving us some visual insight into your life over the past week. Your first two slept and now this one won’t, huh? Mine were just the opposite….my first two never slept at night and my third was born with a schedule. Enjoy your little ones!

  5. susan says:

    so glad for the update! I am so glad that your mom is there and I LOVED little’s pumpkin pictures- What a star! Miss you much and will be praying for you through these rough couple of months- much love

  6. Nicole says:

    I’m so sorry the nights have been hard. Huds did that and I was miserable. Debbie’s right, she’ll get it if you just keep doing the whole-wake them up to eat during the day thing. I’ll pray it will end soon. It’s so good to get a little update. I hate we’ve been playing phone tag. I’ll call again today. Love you guys! Nicole

  7. Allison says:

    Hey becky – happy anniversary!When Jake had his days/nights confused at first, we put his bassinet in front of the window in the living room and that’s where he slept during the day. Lots of noise and light – that helped him distingish the day/night difference. From 10pm – 6am we kept it really dark and quiet when he awoke to feed. I also woke him every 3 hours during the day to feed and tried my darndest to keep him awake afterwards, even if it was just for 5 minutes. After three or four days of this he began doing better at night and we were able to move him back to his “room” (i.e. the closet) for his napping. Hang in there!

  8. brooke says:

    hey guys! it’s brooke! i was chatting with shaun and he gave me your website address so i could see what you have been up to. you guys have been busy since we’ve last spoken. congrats on the family. they are so very cute. i wish i could meet them sometime. my jeremy and i are going to be having our own little addition come valentine’s day. keep us in your prayers!! 🙂 well, i hope you all are doing great. it looks as though you are! i hope to hear from you soon. i love you!


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