Pumpkin Patch Fun

Because of the demands on the rest of our month, we went to the Pumpkin Patch this past weekend – the earliest trip we have ever made. It was 90+ degrees and we were there when they opened at 9:00AM! So, it didn’t feel like fall but it was fun and festive just the same. To watch Bubba running through the pumpkins was a treat and Little really got into all the activities this year as well.
We had never been to this patch before and really enjoyed the variety. My friend Debbie was here visitng and went along. Little considers Mrs. Ertel her new best friend and alternated between holding her hand, giving her “friendly hugs” (where did she get that?), and reading her a truck book all weekend. This connection may have really been sealed on the “train” ride through the fields of “pumpakins”.

Do you see my 6’3″ husband folded into this “train” with his son? Seriously – my hero for sure. Bubba really was too little to do it alone and this pregant woman wasn’t making it into that barrel, so daddy did it and what a trooper. I love him I love him! Such a good daddy.

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3 Responses to Pumpkin Patch Fun

  1. susan says:

    that picture of jeremy is awesome! I can’t believe that he was able to get in the cart, much less out of it. what a trooper!

  2. martha says:

    i had no idea the friend you were talking about was debbie ertel! she is a good friend of our daughter and will be in her wedding in april. (i’m trying not to use names since you don’t use them usually.) we probably passed in the car while we were in st. louis on fri and sat. for a class at covenant. we live live near peoria, IL now that my husband is retired. i came across your blog a few days b/f we left for st. l.m

  3. Nicole says:

    So fun to see the pictures while at the same time sad to see the 3 year kicks/summerall Theis Farm trip come to an end. I hate that it didn’t work out for this year!Miss you guys,Nicole


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