It Just Gets Better

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3 Responses to It Just Gets Better

  1. amy says:

    ouch! has it been bothering her?oh and today, i had my own freak out moment. i was nursing julia and noticed something in her hair. i thought it was a piece of dirt (we had all just been outside). so when i went to pull it out, it moved and she screamed. my first thought was “TICK!” so, i frantically called my husband (the wilderness man who should know all about ticks) repeatedly until he finally answered. alas, it was probably just a flea from the neighbor’s house. lovely. hello gray hairs…here i come!

  2. Amanda says:

    It looks like she has on eye shadow the bruise is so dark! Goodness! Poor thing!

  3. ruthanne says:

    Becky! your mom just told me about your blog…glad lily is ok. if i were you i would have freaked out too…i think that is completely normal reaction to something like that. the pics of lily and thomas going to school are precious! love ya’ll – ruthanne


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