Long Overdue

Well, Little has been riding the bus for two weeks now and she loves it. The ride home turned out to be a bit long so I called and said we would only be doing one way – in response they took four or five kids off her route so she could get home more quickly! She is just as happy about it as I am. Here are photos from her first day. . . Bubba loves to wait with her but is so sad when she is gone. The driver jumps up and buckles her in. On the way home there is a woman who just rides to keep kids company and do the buckling, etc. I think she is accountability for the male driver too – lawsuit stuff. I am thankful for her – she sings with Little every day.

This is just an extra picture of Bubba for the grandparents. Enjoy! Story behind it: a complete stranger, who knows a friend of ours, gave us 8 bags of clothes for Bubba – sized 3T-5T. Some weren’t in great shape, but many will do just fine – thank you Jesus! In the bags were these rainboots. For two days straight one of my kids had them on. They are a bit big for Bubba which made it even more fun to watch!

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4 Responses to Long Overdue

  1. erika says:

    I’m so not believing the bus ride…

  2. stephanie says:

    TOO CUTE!! I’m too much of a whimp to let Hogan ride the bus!

  3. susan says:

    I can’t believe that she rides the bus! what a big girl- and i am in the same boat of gratitude with regards to boy’s clothing. Isn’t it amazing how generous some people are and they don’t even know us? God is so good!

  4. Debbie says:

    I, too, can’t believe your sweet girl rides a big bus to and from school each day! Good for her (and you :))! I know she must feel like such a big girl. The pictures are so cute!


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