Birthday Post

Well, don’t know how often I will have this option, but I have honey’s laptop home for the weekend and I thought I would post some of Bubba’s birthday photos. So much of this is done for the grandparents who miss so much of our goings on, so please be patient through some of the seemingly superfluous photos!

We actually took two days to celebrate. Bubba’s actual birthday consisted of his favorite breakfast: pancakes! The rest of the day held mommy and sissy breaking into Happy Birthday at random times – but that was it.
If you know any of my extended family, you know that tshirts are a thing with us. My kids get birthday shirts to wear on their special day. Bubba’s went on first thing Friday morning and we headed out to the museum of transportation. Seems our little man has a thing for trucks, trains, and the like so we planned his special day around the things he loves.

After walking/running in the midst of trains, old cars, a tugboat, and a WWII plane at the museum, we headed home for cake and presents before daddy had to head to work. Here’s the cake:

and the master blowing out his candle:

Some favorite presents:

a new Boz video (Little was equally excited!) and:

heaps of cars and a zoom ramp to boot!
It was a fun day filled with Bubba singing Happy Birthday to himself, Little saying, “It is LITTLE’s birthday TOOOOO”, and extra time with daddy. What more could one ask for?
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