What a Day!

Well, Jeremy took today off after two weeks of working like a maniac. What did he do? Stayed home and worked like a maniac! Still, the work he did around here is more refreshing to him than draining.

We started the day off at the park. L and T LOVE the swings and slides and there is a gorgeous park just up the road. We go all the time but having daddy with us was a treat. L is SO strong that it amazes me and T is fearless. There are tons of photos coming- most are for our folks’ benefit but I hope you all enjoy them.

Oh, and how do you know you have the greatest husband ever? We have lived in this house 3 months and he has agreed to move all four bedrooms around! That meant repainting one room. Our friend Kermit tackled this orange room originally and, while we are doing away with it, his efforts will be forever appreciated!

Okay, lastly, this blogging thing — I would love to hear your thoughts on my thought. It just seems to foster such weird relationships, eh? I read my friend, Jawan’s, blog all the time and I know alot about what’s going on in her life – but we have only seen each other once in several years and what if she didn’t know I read her blog. She would start telling me something because we haven’t literally talked in ages but I would already know it. Isn’t that weird? I guess this is actually a beauty of blogging: I can ramble on like this and no one stops me (that I know of).

Good night!
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1 Response to What a Day!

  1. erika says:

    I’d never stop your rambling…you wouldn’t stop me, either, right? 🙂 When are you coming to visit? I need some Becky time…


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